Songwriter, Producer // Banjo & Guitar on John Denver's ABC TV Special
Songs recorded by Mickey Gilley, John Schneider, Doyle Holly
Producer of over 100 Radio / TV Jingles and 40 Americana music albums
Banjo & Guitar on Ford, Chevy, McDonalds TV commercials
Background music on Saturday Night Live, Sopranos, many other TV shows


Country Love CD         


  "Country Love"






  Back in those days cowboys rode their horses into saloons, mountain men danced through herds of whitetail deer, dandelion wine was premium drink, and the Great Loose Band kicked up the dust and left trails of smiles through the mountains of Idaho.  "Now, that dirt road is a highway, and the highway is a freeway..."
  1. Country Love
  2. What's My Body Doin' In California
  3. Buck and Edna's
  4. Early Mornin' Late Night Blues
  5. Give Me the Good News
  6. Light on the Mountain
  7. Lady Singer
  8. Drugstore Cowboy
  9. One Too Many Goodbyes
  10. Idaho National Anthem