Songwriter, Producer // Banjo & Guitar on John Denver's ABC TV Special
Songs recorded by Mickey Gilley, John Schneider, Doyle Holly
Producer of over 100 Radio / TV Jingles and 40 Americana music albums
Banjo & Guitar on Ford, Chevy, McDonalds TV commercials
Background music on Saturday Night Live, Sopranos, many other TV shows


Everybody Is a Cowboy CD




  "Everybody Is A Cowboy"



Bluegrass and Folk Music comes alive when parking lot pickers get together and play their banjos, fiddles and other wooden mountain instruments.  It's authentic American music that is alive and well without the power of electricity.  And now, Oh, brother! Here comes Dennis and Carol Ann Coats with the Cafe Gas Band.  New songs to sing, new smiles, new friends.  Come along, join in!

  1. Everybody Is A Cowboy
  2. T-Bird to Tennessee
  3. Idaho Spud
  4. Sweet Love
  5. Cafe Gas
  6. Banjo Man
  7. Broken Heart Attack
  8. Moose In The Pond
  9. Comin' Into Califonia
  10. Jesus Has Overcome
  11. Light On the Mountain
  12. Snow River Home

BIG THANKS goes to Woody Aunan on fiddle, Doug Bond on mandolin, Ted Bowers on Bass, Doug Chaiet on Harmonica, Randy Cope on frailing banjo, Tom D'orazi on dobro, Fred Forssell on Rythm Guitar, Dave Gunter on harmony vocals, Greg Ryberg on mandolin and Beth Weber on fiddle.  All songs written by Dennis Coats. Photos by Carol Ann Coats. Produced by Dennis Coats / Snow River Music