Songwriter, Producer // Banjo & Guitar on John Denver's ABC TV Special
Songs recorded by Mickey Gilley, John Schneider, Doyle Holly
Producer of over 100 Radio / TV Jingles and 40 Americana music albums
Banjo & Guitar on Ford, Chevy, McDonalds TV commercials
Background music on Saturday Night Live, Sopranos, many other TV shows


Joy of Songwriting CD        



  "What's My Body Doin' In California"



  Listen and you can hear them. Songs are everywhere.  Some folks whistle, some folks hum tunes while they're working.  Some can sing like a bird, others can sing like a frog. The truth is, everyone sings in one way or another.  Songs, especially folk songs, have to be sung because they're a way of communicating one's feelings, one's mood, and observations of events in the folk singer's life.  Sometimes folk songs hit home and tell stories that touch us all, sometimes they're just silly thoughts.
  1. Snows Over Idaho 
  2. Movieland
  3. Shelter of Your Wings 
  4. Old Rock Creek Mine
  5. Buck and Ednas 
  6. What's My Body Doin' In California 
  7. Sweet Love
  8. A Man and His Truck 
  9. All the Way Into Forever 
  10. Touch Me With Your Love
  11. Waitin' for Santa
  12. Adios California