Songwriter, Producer // Banjo & Guitar on John Denver's ABC TV Special
Songs recorded by Mickey Gilley, John Schneider, Doyle Holly
Producer of over 100 Radio / TV Jingles and 40 Americana music albums
Banjo & Guitar on Ford, Chevy, McDonalds TV commercials
Background music on Saturday Night Live, Sopranos, many other TV shows


Stagecoach to Sandpoint CD


  "Back Up The Mountain"
  "Boys' Night Out"
  "Stagecoach to Sandpoint"




Large billowing clouds of dust kick up behind the six horse stagecoach as we swing in front of the Cedar Street Bridge, Sandpoint's most unique landmark.  The Bridge depicts the country feeling of this small western town in Idaho. Loggers, joggers, and hoedown cloggers share this town in peace, the American dream.

Quiet evenings, fresh air, and a life changing mountain top experience all participate in the creation of this collection of songs.  This album features the sounds of guitars and banjos echoing through the pines and bringing us back to simpler times.  Have a seat on the front porch, close your eyes and you'll see the mountains, fishing lakes and that dusty red stagecoach pullin' into town with some of our best "acoustic" country music aboard.

Thanks for being here, DC

  1. Boy's Night Out 
  2. Stagecoach To Sandpoint
  3. Anna Lee
  4. Haircut Like Lyle Lovett 
  5. Sunset on the Prairie
  6. Back Up The Mountain
  7. Buck & Edna's
  8. Turkey Crossing 
  9. Only Thunder
  10. Man of Constant Sorrow
  11. Order Up
  12. Banjo Man 

Thanks to the Players:  Tom D'Orazi on dobro guitar, Dave Gunter on harmony vocals, Carol Ann Coats on harmony vocals and shaker, Beth Weber on fiddle, Dennis Coats on lead vocals, 5 string banjo and guitar.
All songs written by Dennis Coats / Five String Music / BMI  except "Sunset On The Prairie" written by Charley Packard / Jesse James Music / BMI and "Man of Constant Sorrow" traditional.