Songwriter, Producer // Banjo & Guitar on John Denver's ABC TV Special
Songs recorded by Mickey Gilley, John Schneider, Doyle Holly
Producer of over 100 Radio / TV Jingles and 40 Americana music albums
Banjo & Guitar on Ford, Chevy, McDonalds TV commercials
Background music on Saturday Night Live, Sopranos, many other TV shows


Summertime CD                 


  "Sunset Moon"






 This unique album is designed to feature the clear natural sound of the wooden acoustic guitar.  Each guitar is separated to its own speaker in the stereo spectrum, as a warm campfire would sit between friends.  Recorded as if your ear is almost touching the guitar's sound hole, you can hear the wooden creaks and string slides carefully paint musical pictures of quiet mountain mornings and sunny summer meadows full of white daisies and deep green ferns.

Inspired by the Light of Life, the winding current of Snow River Summertime runs smoothly, and subtlely blends nature's musical colors into the mindscape.  Close your eyes, and you can feel the cool rushing waters of Rapid Lightning Creek and the dense mountain forest welcome you to a moment of peace and quiet.

You'll hear original melodies with high emotion and dramatic sensitive touch. You can lose yourself in the ebb and flow guitars, while your senses sit next to a clear stream of mountain water, nestled in nature's loving arms. A nice relaxing option to a much too busy, modern world. Enjoy the moment!

  1. Rapid Lightning Creek
  2. Sunset Moon
  3. Cool Summer
  4. Light On The Mountain
  5. Dancing Waters
  6. Buck and Ednas
  7. Thundercloud
  8. Adios California
  9. Summertime in Sandpoint
  10. Waltz of the Bears
  11. Huckleberry Boogie
  12. Moose Crossing
  13. Pleased As Punch

All songs written and performed by Dennis Coats / Five String Music / BMI